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Rise of the Guardian

2009-02-01 22:25:17 by Durgenbold

Thanks for coming to my page, despite this being the only post on it! Hopefully you're here because of my recently posted song. I want feedback, even if you're a flamer. Like I said in the description, niether WAJM or I have the software to make music anymore, so hopefully someone can help me in finding some new software, preferably downloadable, free, and simple to use. Even if something doesn't fit all of that criteria I'd appreciate you telling me. I'm a student in high school so don't expect me to pump stuff like this out every month, but you never know. Other than that, another thing I'd really appreciate would be for someone to use this in another submission. I'd love to see anything if you use it...just don't go over Teen, ok?

Cool, so thanks for listening and I look forward to, really, anything!